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Skyflowers_16 Year Anniversay

Flower Therapy is Now a Surgical Procedure.


Botanical Archetypes Chart Set

Botanical Archetypes | 2 Chart Set.

1 plant family. 21 genera. 12 years in development. Botanical Archetypes herald a new era of plant medicine.

Provides precise diagnostics into ‘the cause of the issue’ when working with our flower remedies. And I mean precise.



Skyflowers_16 Year Anniversay

6th Edition.

A Beginner Guide. For the Advanced Mind.

Skyflowers A-Z Guide 5th Edition

Skyflowers Reference Guide. 6th Edition.

The newly revised & updated Skyflowers Reference Guide now includes 6 new karmic remedies & 4 new powerful combinations.

That’s 110 flower remedies & 21 combination formulas in 1 easy-to-read guide.


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Skyflowers_16 Year Anniversay

The Skyflowers

~ Since 1997 ~

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The Skyflowers
for Issues of the Mind

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Skyflowers: Higher Ground
for Issues of the Soul

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Special Interest Sets
for Specialized Work

from $129

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25ml Formulas
for Everyday Issues

$22 each


Higher Education

We provide quality training in all of our Classes, Courses & Workshops – with plant studies as the core curriculum.

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Practitioner Manuals

Behind our flower remedies is a wealth of information. Detailed work, researched and written over many years.

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The Project

Botanical Research

Our remedies are backed by years of botanical research that tells you the cause of the issue. A ‘world 1st’ in clinical flower therapy.

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Skyflowers_16 Year Anniversay

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