The Skyflowers Just Got More Important. And More Potent.

Skyflowers A-Z Guide 5th Edition

The Skyflowers A-Z Guide. 5th Edition.

The newly revised & updated Skyflowers A-Z Guide now includes 4 new karmic remedies & 2 new powerful combinations.

That’s 104 individual flower remedies & 17 combination remedies. Powerful stuff.

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The Skyflowers have evolved over millennia to be some of the most highly evolved plants on Earth.

After a few drops of our flower remedies you will see why.

Brendan Rohan – Founder of the Skyflowers

Skyflowers 15ml Bromeliad Flower Essence Remedy

Precision Remedies

We take pride in our range of flower essence remedies and work hard to ensure they meet a high standard.

Skyflowers 15ml Bromeliad Flower Essence Remedy

Higher Education

We provide quality training in all of our Classes, Courses & Workshops – with plant studies as the core curriculum.

Skyflowers 15ml Bromeliad Flower Essence Remedy

Revolutionary Research

Our remedies are backed by years of botanical research that tells you the cause of the issue. A world first.

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