The Kinesiology Website is Closed

Brendan RohanBack in 2010, I launched a sister project called ‘The Kinesiology Website’. The purpose of the website was to promote kinesiology and also provide a social network where kinesiologists from around the world could gather, talk shop and get industry news. The project started off well and membership reached its peak at just over 100 members in the first month. But unfortunately, it never grew from that number and failed to gain the support it needed.

For 3 years I tended the website, promoted news that I found while scouring the internet and ran the project. We even had our own iPhone app in the app store which was being downloaded regularly and channeling news out to mobile phones around the world! But, alas, the project fail to gain traction. 

The project was designed to overcome the divide I perceived in the kinesiology field which cut the lines of communication. I.e. Country divisions, divisions between the various kinesiology styles, etc. While my desire was to grow the project and create a home for kinesiology discussion on the web, I did not achieve this goal. So, like any failed project, there comes a time to put it to rest and continue on with other things.

Like The Skyflowers Project which is actively growing and now requires my full attention.

I wish the kinesiology students, practitioners and community as a whole good fortune and my hope is that there is another place on the internet that will serve as a central hub of discussion for the industry. The Kinesiology Website is now closed.

Thank you to Damian Brown, Carmen Low and the other people who had a similar vision and loaned their time to the project.

Editors Note: No sooner had I closed the website down than someone from Canada contacts me, wanting to distribute The Skyflowers there. She also turns out to be a founding member of The Kinesiology Website lol. A happy ending!


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