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Relax. You Have Arrived Home.

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An Introduction to the Skyflowers.

My love affair with the Bromeliad began in 1989.

To this day, I am just as captivated by their color, form and beauty as I was back then.

Brendan Rohan – Founder of the Skyflowers

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What is a Skyflower?

“Skyflowers” is a name used to describe a range of flower essence remedies made from plants belonging to the Bromeliad or Pineapple Family.

When in flower, these exotic, tree-dwelling plants illuminate the forest canopy in a spectacular display of color, form and sometimes, fragrance.

When in bloom, it is literally as if “the heavens had opened and the sky were flowering!” Hence the name, ‘sky… flowers‘!

Pineapple_Ananus comosus

The Bromeliad Family

The Bromeliad family is one of the world’s largest plant families and are native to Central & South America – and to some degree, North America.

The family consists of 3 sub-families which contain some 59 genera or ’flower groups’ of more than 3,000 species. Alongside the natural species are many hundreds more cultivated hybrids which are commonly on offer in garden centers and florists.

The PineappleAnanus comosus is the most famously recognized of the Bromeliaciae… and is the only edible species belonging to this family!

Precious Jewel_Aechmea fasciata

What is a Bromeliad?

Evolution has played a strange hand with this ‘offshoot of the grass tribe’ for Bromeliads have the unusual ability of being able to draw their water requirements from moisture particles contained in the surrounding air – absorbing it directly through their leaves!

They do this by collecting water droplets from the humid air or sea fog with tiny silver scales on their leaves called ‘trichomes’.

These specialized, water-absorbing trichomes are unique to the Bromeliad family!

The Pineapple Philosophy – ‘Relax… and Let Life Unfold!’

On a practical level, the Skyflowers help us to set aside that time ( and energy ) consuming ‘hobby’ we all indulge in – namely worry. By imparting their ways and reminding us to ‘drink from life’, we begin to let go of the illusory worries, story-driven inadequacies and our projected fears… and get on with focusing our life energy more productively, intentionally and meaningfully. In other words, the Bromeliads help us to let go of our habit of worrying about life so that we can get on and live it!

In fact, worry about life – and it’s reflection – concern with self is really the core issue that the Bromeliads help us with. Although the emotional issues vary, self concern is at the root of every Bromeliad-related problem!

Bromeliads offer a lighter, more carefree approach to life… a style of thinking that is lacking in these modern times. You may think it impossible to escape worry, but then I ask you, ‘where did worrying ever get you?’

The ’Pineapple’, care-free approach to life is covered in the various courses, classes and workshops on offer.

What Do Bromeliads Offer as a Flower Essence Remedy? 

In general, all Bromeliads help us to open up to our deeper nature – the self that is part of, connected to and part of a larger and grander whole.

Able to acquire moisture – and therefore, life – from ‘all around them’, the Bromeliads teach us that we are surrounded by the support ( love ) we need.

As a flower essence remedy, Bromeliads offer these insights into human nature… 

  • Relaxation ( as the Spiritual Path ) – The Bromeliads teach us to relax into the experience of life. For as we begin to relax into life – and ourselves – our innate, natural qualities shine through and our deepest truth is expressed.
  • The Living Moment – Drawing upon our surroundings and taking action on our actual experiences! Setting aside the projections of ‘past’ and ‘future’ and other mental fabrications so as to participate in… real life.
  • The Enlightened Mind – Paying attention to the realities of life and thereby, letting go of our stories-about-life. I.e. Training your mind to be present, aware and illumined-by-what-is.
  • The Path of Truth – Facing what is. Realizing that suffering stems from paying attention what isn’t. I.e. Worry, fear, unhappiness and other miseries are all caused by aligning with illusion.
  • The Potential Within You – Bromeliads show us the innate potential inside us, our resource-fullness, resilience and care free air. Learning to cultivate and build upon the potential that is within you ( as opposed to working on the list of faults that limit you. )
  • Being Who You Are – Setting aside your self image and being who you really are. Knowing that your self image is based upon a myriad of perceptions from your past; a faulty blueprint that tells you nothing of your present potential.
  • Transcendence – Rising above your self image and the worries of life attached to it. Living without story, past or conditioning in this moment. Shedding the confines of a mind that will always be free.
  • Ascended Living – Focusing your energies on positive expression and setting your mind to the task of task of being your best, most creative self. Establishing a life ‘high in the treetops’ above the cares of the world.
  • The Moral? Be… Yourself! – In short, the message of the Bromeliad family is simply this… ‘relax… and be yourself!’ That is ‘the destination’ of the spiritual path that you are on… to follow a natural path in life and discover what it is to fully be… yourself.

These are just some of the innate qualities of the Bromeliad and are imparted whenever one takes one of the Skyflower essence remedies – regardless of the remedy chosen.

Symbols of wholeness, ascension and perfection, the Bromeliads challenge many of the flawed views, beliefs and thoughts we hold about life… and ourselves.

Working from within, the Skyflowers help to unveil the color and spirit that you have inside. Already.

Know Thy Plants

There’s Something for Everyone!

No matter what your level of interest – from the beginner to the advanced practitioner – there’s something for everybody with the Skyflowers range of flower essence remedies.

Whether you just want some immediate relief from a hard day at work, need to find help for a troubled client or you wish to deepen your spiritual awareness, you can find the information to suit your needs.

For those seeking a more in-depth view of the entire essence range, there are various workshops on offer to augment your flower essence knowledge. These intensive training seminars provide the most up-to-date research findings as well as further insight into the subtleties of working with vibrational remedies. These workshops run regularly and are open to all who have a passion to learn.

Thank-you for your interest in the Skyflowers. I hope you enjoy working with these amazing flowers as much as I do. Please feel free to email me any questions you may have.

Enjoy the website and the Skyflowers!

Brendan Rohan – founder of the Skyflowers

Email – [email protected]

Know Thy Plants

The Skyflowers is a Project. Not just Another Range of Flower Remedies.

The Skyflowers Project began in August, 1997 and is made up of 3 parts.

  1. Botanical Research – Our remedies are backed by a large volume of study and research. For a detailed overview of our botanical research and what it means in plant medicine, see this page.
  2. Flower Remedies – Shop in The Skyflowers Shop. We have boxed sets for health professionals, individual remedies and a wide range of products. Every purchase helps to fund the ongoing research.
  3. Higher Education – Our books and our workshops deliver quality information to help you raise awareness. We take pride in our work and our aim is to raise ‘information standards’ in the industry, so that you get the best information that there is.

Skyflowers_16 Year Anniversay

The Skyflowers

~ Since 1997 ~

Skyflowers 15ml Bromeliad Flower Essence Remedy

The Skyflowers Boxed Set

~ for Issues of the Mind ~

 A complete, general purpose set of 50 flower remedies for the practicing health therapist. Covers common emotional issues.

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Skyflowers 15ml Bromeliad Flower Essence Remedy

Skyflowers: Higher Ground Boxed Set

~ for Issues of the Soul ~

 A set of 25 flower remedies for the advanced health practitioner. For karmic issues, extreme emotions & deep inner work.

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Skyflowers 15ml Bromeliad Flower Essence Remedy

Skyflowers: Combination Formulas

~ for Everyday Issues ~

 Need something that’s already prepared & ready to go? Try one of our specially designed 25ml combination formulas for everyday issues.

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Skyflowers 15ml Bromeliad Flower Essence Remedy

Precision Remedies

We take pride in our range of flower essence remedies and work hard to ensure they meet a high standard of excellence. And potency.

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Skyflowers 15ml Bromeliad Flower Essence Remedy

Higher Education

We provide quality training in all of our Classes, Courses & Workshops – with plant studies as the core curriculum.

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Skyflowers 15ml Bromeliad Flower Essence Remedy

Revolutionary Research

Our remedies are backed by years of botanical research that tells you the cause of the issue. A world first in clinical flower therapy.

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Skyflowers_16 Year Anniversay

The Skyflowers have evolved over millennia to be some of the most highly evolved plants on Earth.

After a few drops of our flower remedies you will see why.

Brendan Rohan – Founder of the Skyflowers

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Skyflowers_16 Year Anniversay

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